About Us

Harsha Rana Co-Founder and Chief Executive

President, Pediatric Therapy Associates

Few situations are as heart wrenching as having to see your child struggle. Having seen that gave Harsha the inspiration to look for solutions.

Meeting the needs of a special child can often take a drastic toll on the family. Having the right help, that is reachable, and available at the right time can make all the difference between a child who struggles and a child who thrives! Yes, it takes a village!

Having worked with children and families as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Harsha has witnessed the challenges that parents, teachers, and caregivers face trying to secure the right help. ReadySetConnect connects your child to clinicians and specialists that your child needs. The child can immediately engage in a live interaction with the provider from any place.

Harsha has received her MBA from California State University, Los Angeles, and studied Occupational Therapy at SUNY Buffalo. She leads a multidisciplinary pediatric therapy practice.

Ajay Prasad Co-Founder

President, GMR Web Team & RepuGen

Harsha shared the idea for building a platform to connect therapists remotely with patients who may not have access to an in-person session at an investor meeting. I, as is my method, decided to sleep on it — development of this platform required significant investment of time and money for both of us.

When my interest level stayed the same after a few days, I had Harsha come to my office and share the concept with my wife. My wife is a better judge of people and project than I am. After Harsha left, I asked her what she thought about the project. Her answer, which clinched the deal for me, was “if this platform can help even one kid, the investment by us will be paid for.”

It took us over one year to complete the platform after I decided to get involved in this project. The platform is complete and is already getting used by several pediatric therapists for online sessions with special-need kids. My wife and I feel like this is our best investment to date.

As a marketer and investor who invests in win-win startups, I am excited about this platform. It is designed to help people who most need it, and can also generate substantial profit while providing this much-needed service. I feel like this is a rare investment by me where I cannot lose, even if it does not result in getting me a substantial return on investment.

Meet Advisory Board

Shirley Ku
Board Certified Behavior Analyst BCBA
Belle Duong
Registered Occupational Therapist M.S, OTR/L
Catherine Ving
Speech-Language Pathologist M.S., CCC-SLP