General Questions

Ready Set Connect is a software service. It is designed to be a complete support tool for clinicians and educators so they can perform their work efficiently and dependably.
Ready Set Connect works on all browsers and devices. It is HIPAA compliant and all data is stored securely in the cloud.
Ready Set Connect is most suitable for Clinicians and Educators. These include Clinicians-Speech, Occupational, Physical therapists, ABA and Behavior Health, Psychologists and Mental Health and Educators- Education Specialists, Special Academic Instructors, Tutors.
Follow prompts to sign up and register. Users can begin using soon after a successful registration.
Ready Set Connect can be used by any provider or provider group looking to provide services online or simply manage all their tasks smoothly.
It is easy to switch to Ready Set Connect. There is no fee for set up and no tedious setup process involved. Your existing calendar, reports and documents can be uploaded here with ease.
Ready Set Connect is ideal for small and mid-sized clinics or groups of providers.
Ready Set Connect is suitable for use at one or multiple locations. Users may choose to use the same or different accounts for each location.
Pricing is based on the number of users to the platform. Each user can gain access to all the different functions of the platform.
Pricing is based on the number of users. Users can use the same account for multiple locations. Users can also create separate accounts for multiple locations.
With Ready Set Connect all patient charts are in one place and accessed easily. Users can track and review progress on goals, compare data, collaborate and make timely and effective decisions that help them succeed. Users can set, review, make changes to their schedule and also communicate with email and text reminders.
Ready Set Connect is relatively quick and easy to set up. Time to set up can vary depending on the number of clients and users that need to be set up. While this may vary, most user groups set up within minutes.
Yes. Reports can be generated in different file formats that user can conveniently export.
Ready Set Connect offers live phone support by calling 877-254-4588
Yes. Your payment is scheduled monthly. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Security & HIPAA Compliance

Ready Set Connect is HIPAA complaint. The team has taken caution and conducted severe scrutiny to maintain the highest levels of security and confidentiality. You can learn more about HIPAA at https://www.readysetconnect.com/hipaa and Privacy Policy at https://www.readysetconnect.com/privacy-policy
You can review terms of use at https://www.readysetconnect.com/terms-of-use By registering as a user you agree to the terms of use.
Ready Set Connect stores all data securely on the cloud. We maintain HIPAA compliance and adhere to high standards of maintaining security. It is advised, however, that users maintain safe practices.
Ready Set Connect is compliant with GDRP.
Ready Set Connect is compliant with FERPA and protects the privacy of student education records.


A reminder can be added to any appointment or event. They can be automated to be sent once or at a recurring frequency. Reminders are with email and/or text messages. They can be personalized.
Each user has access to his or her schedule. Primary subscriber and administrators to the account may have access to schedule of multiple users.

Screen Share

Users can share the screen by tapping the screen icon. Attendees can also share the screen.
The user sharing the screen controls the screen he/she shares. Client/Student can share his/her screen but not control the user’s screen. Users and clients can interact in real-time using the whiteboard.


Ready Set Connect offers a trial period following which subscription is paid month to month. Users can cancel at any time and would not renew after the end of that monthly billing cycle.
There are no hidden fees or additional costs. User may expect to plan per pricing described at https://www.readysetconnect.com/subscriber/registration
We accept all major credit and debit cards.


It is software designed to help maintain health records electronically for providers of pediatric therapy.
Software that is designed to support and help pediatric therapy
This software helps Pediatric Occupational Therapists document service sessions
The benefits of EMR could be plenty. It helps maintain medical records electronically
Providers can maintain medical and health records electronically. It benefits the user by giving on-demand easy access to records that the user can have at his convenience. It also gives the user the ability to review records for signature, collaboration with other clinicians, and facilitate decision making.