25 Jan 2021

Webinar Series

Hello and welcome to Webinar Series! This series aims at collaborating as professional communities, and fostering the sharing of ideas and hands on knowledge. Leaders share their thoughts, ideas, methods and more. Clinicians, educators, therapy practitioners, special education professionals, parents are welcome to participate.

Upcoming Events: Stay tuned for our very first live webinar, airing in January. We will be featuring two of our very own Pediatric Therapy Associates, Julieth Leon and Carrie Flint. These certified therapists will be sharing on specialties within Deaf & Hard of Hearing and Adaptive Physical Education, portraying how each ties into our virtual world through child development.

Contact: If our therapy-based webinar series sounds like something you’d enjoy, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info. We are always looking for passionate therapy and educational specialists to include in our Keynote Speaker Series, and if interested please reach out to us at admin@readysetconnect.com or 877-254-4588.

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