Autism & Echolalia:

Developing Functional Communication

Webinar with Elizabeth Ives Field, CCC-SLP

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Course Description

This webinar uses description, videos and discussion to address several communication difficulties common among echolalic autistic children. Following a brief overview of echolalia and some earlier communication interventions, the webinar will focus mainly on specific ways to help echolalic learners to:

  • Use “I/me/my” for self-reference
  • Answer and ask Wh and yes/no questions
  • Engage effectively in conversation

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  •  Name three common characteristics of children with echolalia.
  • Explain how modeling can improve language and play for echolalic children.
  • Describe an intervention procedure for developing nonechoic greetings or protests.

Target Audience

Speech Language Pathologists, Speech Language Pathology Assistants, Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants, Special Educators, Teachers and Teachers for the Visually Impaired, Parents

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ReadySetConnect collects fee from the audience to participate in this training webinar

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Time Ordered Agenda

4:00- 4:05 Welcome and introduction

4:05- 4:10 Characteristics of echolalic children and video example

4:10-4:20 Usual language therapy needs of children who echo, with emphasis on the five included in this presentation, related concerns associated with autism, common language strengths that accompany echolalia

4:20- 4:25 Description of evidence-based practices that are helpful in developing the five communicative functions, and other therapy techniques that support them

4:30-4:35 Pause for questions if desired

4:35- 5:00 Description of how echolalic children tend to express the five targeted functions, a sample goal for addressing each one, and specific therapy suggestions, with videos and demonstrations. Questions or discussion

Meet The Speaker

Elizabeth is the author of Building Communication and Independence for Children Across the Autism Spectrum: Strategies to Address Minimal Language, Echolalia and Behavior (2021) London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers In 2021, she presented a virtual poster session on echolalia at the ASHA Convention (audio recording and live Q and A), a 90 minute live virtual presentation for NE/AER (US/Canada regional conference for education and rehabilitation professionals for the blind) and a book talk for an autism agency in Massachusetts. She will be doing a one-hour virtual presentation for the Milestones National Autism Conference in June 2022. In the past, she has done full-day conference presentations, a nine-hour short course for special educators, a few graduate and undergraduate speech/language pathology university courses, some other short presentations at ASHA and a foursession course at a psychiatric hospital. She has also given many public school in-service talks and spoken about autism to elementary through high school students, fire, police, medical, and dental organizations, retirees, and autism agency groups. Her philosophy is that the autism spectrum is complex and challenging, but it is nobody’s fault. When schools and families work together, addressing problems with positive supports, individualized instruction, and expectations appropriate to the child’s developmental abilities, needs, and desires, there will be progress.

Financial Dislosure

Elizabeth receives royalties for her book which is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She is receiving a speaking fee from Pediatric Therapy Associates

Non - Financial Dislosure

Elizabeth is a member of ASHA and the Maine Speech Language Hearing Association

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Met my expectations. For school based SLP, maybe show therapy ideas for small groups


Thank you for sharing such a practical, functional approach to teaching language.


I have very little experience with echolalia and this was a helpful introduction. Thank you for your time and expertise.


Loved it..very interesting and needed info


Would like to hear more on the additional areas of communicative functions


Very informative


I hope to have more webinars on this topic


I'm satisfied with what I heard


Very helpful! Thank you


was great!


Thank you for having Betsy teach us from her wisdom and experience!

Kathleen Herrin



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