01 Jul 2019

Through the Lens of an OT Intern: Amazing Child

Hi! It’s me again, back with my second blog! I hope you enjoyed reading my first one, and if you have no clue what I’m talking about, what on Earth are you doing? Go check out Through the Lens of an OT Intern: Every Parent’s Dream!
So over the course of maybe almost 2 months now, I’ve had the privilege of observing one of our amazing children here at Pediatric Therapy Associates, but out of respect for the family’s privacy, let’s just refer to him as “Amazing Child”. I’m fairly new to the clinic but I’ve already had so many great experiences. One of which was witnessing the immense growth of our Amazing Child throughout this pandemic via teletherapy so far.
I remember day one of observations just like it happened yesterday. I vividly remember this child showing signs of hesitation in every activity that was being conducted by his occupational therapist. There were also several instances when he displayed irritability and not wanting to do anything and simply just run away from the camera. Little did I know that everything was about to change – and for the better.
This Amazing Child, in every session thereafter, has improved in so many positive ways. I was in complete shock, filled with so much joy, and constantly looked forward to our weekly sessions. Though there were still some rough moments, the amount of good feedback couldn’t compare. This young boy went from struggling to write his name even with assistance, to now independently doing so at a reasonable pace. He went from hesitating drinking from a regular cup and wanting to drink from his bottle with a straw instead, to now doing so with no spillage. He went from not being able to figure out how to zip and button up and down a sweater on his own, to now doing so very quickly. This Amazing Child has come a long way in such a short amount of time during this pandemic.
Through the past weeks, I’ve noticed great improvements and it’s apparent that repetition, in fact, does bring about change, especially within our Amazing Child. If these exercises weren’t conducted on a weekly basis, there would be no signs of growth for him. I’m excited for his future and what more incredible things he has yet to overcome and learn.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog! Until next time!

Amazing Child
By Nicole Bautista

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