18 May 2021

Sensory Processing Disorders. How Virtual Therapy can Help

On a beautiful Friday evening, would you rather a. Relax with a good book? b. Go out party with friends?

Did you say you would rather go out with friends? Yes!! Talking, walking, dancing to music, DJ blasting is definitely fun for some of us. We look forward to the time we can just have some fun and feel good.

Few of us though would much rather stay in solitude and relax with a good book. That would be the perfect to to calm our weary body.

We each have our Sensory Preferences. We seek and do what feels good bodily, sensorily. When it gets to a point of taking away the order, we have Sensory Processing Disorder

Rebecca Duvall Scott asks this question of her audience in her webinar  and the audience overwhelmingly respond, “Relax with a good book” Our Sensory Processing affects our behaviors and the choices we make. Our body is built around our sensory systems. Our exteroceptors, interoceptors and proprioceptors keep us up and in balance with our environment.

When our body can take in and process, we have a ‘normal’ behavior and response. If our body and brain cannot quite process, it ends up creating a ‘traffic jam’ and crosses the line of a becoming a disorder. Gets a little complicated for kids and AutismADHDLanguage DisorderAnxiety are related to this.

Sensory Interventions help with improving and restoring one’s ability to process and function well. Sensory strategies applied in the classroom help a student stay regulated so they can function well as a student. How is your bucket filledAre you a sensory seeker or a sensory avoider? A hypo sensitive or hypersensitive child would have trouble staying focused.

Tips for sensory support can be offered by your Occupational TherapistTele practice or virtual therapy sessions with your occupational therapists can help you understand your own sensory needs well and help you identify and apply the perfect tips and tricks to stay bodily calm, focused and function at your best all day!


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