31 Jan 2021

How You Can Have A Lasting Positive And Productive Mindset Going Into 2021

We are living in monumental times. 2020 was a year that unexpectedly changed our lifestyles. We were restricted from seeing loved ones. We learned how to work from home. We switched from in-person appointments to virtual appointments. The way we cope with the aftermath of 2020 will determine our outlook going into 2021. To have a positive mindset means that we are aware of how actions affect our physical and mental health. Positivity includes setting healthy boundaries that drive humans towards productivity. Positivity has a branch in psychology, Positive Psychology, that aims to help humans live fulfilling lives. Positivity comes from “well-being and purpose” than focusing on the bad. Here are some ways you can build a positive and productive mindset.

Practicing Gratitude
Mindfulness meditation is a popular form of practicing gratitude. Mindfulness meditation is a helpful resource that brings the body and mind together. Taking a moment in your day to sit and focus on your breath can help you realign your daily intentions. It is now easier to practice mindfulness with many videos online and several apps available at a click of a button. Another tool is journaling. A study done on college students found that writing in a gratitude journal for three weeks led to higher scores on gratitude, adjustment to university life, and a greater positive affect.

Eating Better
What we eat can have a real effect on our mental health. Food acts as the fuel our body needs to work. The food we eat can impact brain function and mood. When we eat foods filled with nutritious ingredients, our body receives the health benefits we need to live positive and productive lives. Many studies have looked at how diets, such as a Mediterranean diet, can impact mental health. Talk to your doctor to learn more about what foods can positively impact your overall health.

Digital Detox
The popular term “Digital Detox” is gaining attention as it’s referred to as taking period long breaks from digital devices and social media. This tactic comes from the concern of people spending too much time online staring at a screen. Researchers found that social media has a smaller impact on mental health when people limit their social media use. Social media makes it easier to compare our lifestyles with others, creating a negative mindset. Taking a break from the internet can have a massive impact on our overall well-being. A tip could be adding time limits to popular apps. The iPhone has a new feature where you can set up time limits on apps. The app will close when the time is up.

Many studies find that exercising regularly is linked to mental health. A study done found that regularly participating in aerobic exercises was correlated with a positive affective response. Physical activity is important for your overall health. Physical activity can help people feel accomplished and positively contribute to the person’s goals. It’s recommended that adults complete 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week. There are multiple ways you can get your body moving, whether it is running, walking, or practicing yoga.

Setting Intentions
These suggestions are based on scientific research. These actions towards bettering your overall health can help manifest positive outcomes. Be mindful of your actions and stay consistent. Your commitment to setting intentions will help build a lasting positive mindset. If you are looking for ways to make your 2021 more positive and productive, then these suggestions are a great start.

Your overall health is the prime factor in achieving a more positive and productive mindset. These actions, once executed and made routinely, can influence your outlook. When we take care of our bodies and add more positivity to our lives, any goal is possible to achieve.

By Kelly Bond

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