05 Jul 2020

7 Years and 7 Valuable Lessons Learned

7 years ago we began this journey. When Scott’s mom reached out to me I knew I badly wanted to try and help Scott. His insurance company demanded a business ID and number. Pediatric Therapy Associates was born.
With passage of time, as is often the case with entrepreneurs, triumphs and tribulations came our way. For most of it we saw many more happy children, and content and proud parents walk out our doors. More community leaders and organizations joined hands with us as did more talented clinicians. Last seven years our associates have touched more than 4,000 unique young lives.

Serving a child is far more than a job and profession. We ride further on our mission of impacting lives of children with Positive Results Everyday. Along this seven- years-and-counting journey, working with children has taught me some valuable lessons

1. Children Teach us the Greatest Lessons we’ll Ever Learn. Parents find it concerning when their child is not hitting milestones or receives a diagnosis. Parents sometimes may even naively believe that it is them who is to blame. They may even resent the situation. But this instead may be an opportunity to take responsibility, appreciate uniqueness, and see the potential within you. It may be a beautiful gift. Life is simple. We just make it complicated.

2. Every Child is a Star. Celebrate Uniqueness and Encourage Individuality. Every star is different and so is every child. Each child is born with divine nature, blessed with unique natural abilities, interests and personality. Embrace their uniqueness. Inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine.

3. Helping Others Breeds Happiness. Those who have worked in the area of serving those with special needs know that it is not always the most glamorous work. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It tests every limit you have and expects more out of you. My early career saw clinical and management positions. When I compare those years to the recent years dedicated to children with special needs, I see a significant difference. My attitude has changed. Truly, these kids make me and those around me happier. Being with children with needs everyday and being able to take part in their amazing lives, brings happiness that would be hard to find in any other line of work.

4. Every Child’s Life Matters. Our kids are central to our lives. Our family, our community, and our nation. Our future resides on their tiny shoulders. It is important that every child has the opportunity to rise to their potential and be included. This is only more important for children who have special needs or are differently abled.

5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Work becomes motivating, fun, and incredibly rewarding when surrounded by a dream team. Everybody has individual strengths, but we’re each limited in some way. We as a team not only help one another get things done, but each of us brings something unique and valuable to the table. When team comes together the dream becomes a reality.

6. Everyone has Something to Offer. What group has not seen a geek, a theatrical personality, a genius, a loner, etc. This variety is what makes one demographic strong. Any judgement needs to be left behind to see a person for their true worth, value, and ability. Everyone has something to offer.

7. Change Takes Work and Time. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. It is an engagement that often may take a long period of time. Behaviors are often learned and changing those is a process that we must engage in when the change is desired.

About Pediatric Therapy Associates Pediatric Therapy Associates is a multidisciplinary team of licensed clinicians and educators. We serve K-12th students and children in the community with special needs.

Services are held at school sites, our state-of-the-art clinics, and live online on a secure online therapy platform

7 Years and 7 Valuable Lessons Learned
By Harsha Rana

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